The big day is coming…You’ve booked the church, the dress has been collected, the suits are on the way but wait… THE FIRST DANCE?!


As a band, we often get asked “What first dance songs do you do?” or “What’s the most popular choice?”…


We have to admit, there are some songs which are requested frequently, simply because they are beautiful songs which happen to mean a lot to a lot of people – for example – John Legend, All of me. This track was a summer 2015 hit and must have been the most popular first dance request!

A lot of couples are lucky to have a song which reminds them of their first date, the first time they danced together, the first gig they attended as a couple etc. However a lot of couples just haven’t got a clue what to choose! You may have been together for 20 years and still not know what ‘your’ song is!


Don’t worry – As one of Cardiff and South Wales leading Wedding, Party and Corporate bands, our First Dance advice is at hand!


Some couples don’t want to be in the limelight (well you can’t really avoid that on a day like your wedding day but yes, dancing is a different story!). We would suggest in that case, choosing a song which may get everyone else up dancing with you. If you are having a band or Dj, ask them to encourage your family up to join you. It’s a great way to start off the evening and if you are having a band start or even perform your first dance, it’s a great way to get everyone up on the dancefloor ready to party for the rest of the evening!

Take some time out as a couple and sit down with spotify/itunes/youtube and browse through some songs that may suit how you feel about each other, what reminds you of each other or what evokes memories of a special holiday you once had.

You could opt for a song that you both just really love! Something that is in the charts at the moment, or that whenever it comes on the radio you both love to sing in the car.

It doesn’t have to be ‘weddingy’ or slow either. It could be a dance track or a Rock and Roll classic!

On the whole, your first dance is traditionally a way of marking your first dance together as husband and wife. A celebratory dance together in front of all of your loved ones.

Why not make up a routine or get your bridesmaids or ushers involved? We have performed at a number of weddings where this has occurred and it makes for a brilliant surprise for the guests.

Remember, this day is about you both and you don’t HAVE to do a first dance if you really don’t want to! Get your family to join you from the start or your band to kick of the night with an amazing dance floor filler!

We have made a playlist of some of our most popular requests for 2015.

Have a browse for some ideas or get in touch for more information on Brother Ray performing at your wedding.


Good Luck!


Brother Ray x