Wedding Band Wales | Get my guests dancing!

We’ve been to HUNDEREDS of South Wales and Cardiff weddings. We’ve filled dancefloors all over the UK and partied with all types of couples and families.
One thing we know for sure is that we love to PARTY! Many bride and grooms ask us for our advice on their first dance and we have a huge selection of tracks to pick from in our setlist. We can also learn your first dance for you to dance to on your big day.
Allowing your guests a small break between the wedding breakfast and the first dance is always a good idea as it allows them to re charge ready for the evenings wedding entertainment. It also allows your venue to refresh your room and for the band to setup and soundcheck.
We also get asked which songs really get people dancing. We can be sure that certain songs will get people up dancing right away, even if you’ve just polished off a full 3 course meal, coffee and the extra mints!

Our top floor filler tracks at the moment are:

Crazy in Love
Uptown Funk
Finally CC Peniston

These three tracks are keeping the dancefloor full!

In Brother Ray, we are passionate about FUNK, SOUL and DISCO classics. We aim to provide the slickest grooves around and keep your guests entertained all night.

Our setlist spans from the 1970’s to the modern day and contains hits that everyone at your wedding will know. All tracks are big hits so everyone from Nan to the little ones will be up partying with us

Soul Band Cardiff

One track that we know will get a dance off started is Disco Inferno! This track always tempts the more reserved characters up to have a dance off in a big group. We love seeing the bride and groom dancing in the centre of a big crowd of guests!

We love seeing a Soul train at a wedding! It can help get people involved and get those up who are a little shy and may not want to be centre of attention on the dancefloor!

No matter how much you try to plan in advance, there is no magic set of ways to get everyone on the dancefloor. What we would recommend if a good live band, a great selection of hits and a fantastic atmosphere.

In Brother Ray we not only provide the hits, grooves and musicianship but the amazing energy that gets your guests up on the dancefloor.

These elements are the key components to getting your guests fired up and in the mood for partying all night with you at your wedding.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let’s PARTY!


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